Sunday, September 21, 2008

What is this thing anyway?

I have often wondered how to categorize this type of sale. Friends from California call them "barn sales". It has a charming country sound. And it's not an antique sale, nor a yard sale, but we're not selling "barn" stuff or selling out of a barn! So unless one of you comes up with a better description for the sale, let me know. For now, we'll stick with "barn sale" until something better comes along!

Any one out there know of any other barn sales? If so, what was your favorite find?


pamela said...

I don't know why they call it a barn sale in CA because we know they don't have barns, at least So. Cal! My favorite to look at was in the Country Living magazine, Sept.'08 page 52. It was in Rathdrum ID, too far to go but the pictures were great. This one looks just as good, just missing the barn but I don't think we'll even notice.

~sheri~ said...

I saw that one too, was awesome. Maybe we'll be able to give them the southern Idaho version of it soon! Anyone have a good barn? :)